Rising Radicals of the Modern Age

It’s commonly believed in many fringe political circles that only a certain amount of the population is actually capable of having strong convictions and acting upon them. This notion is especially propagated in the right-wing ever since Dr. William Luther Pierce, author of The Turner Diaries and founder of National Alliance, spoke about what he calls ‘lemmings’ and how they contrast with ‘independent thinkers’. This short clip, though a bit tacky presentation-wise, should give some insight into this perspective of his.

These ‘independent thinkers’ or radicals, as they are more colloquially know, have been a thorn in the side of the establishment for quite some time. However, with a combination of clever propaganda and manipulation of public perception, they have been able to be dismissed and “discredited” for quite some time now. In fact, there are entire organizations that specialize in doing so, such as the ADL and SPLC to name a couple. The advent of more free and readily available information and communication has begun to reduce the effectiveness of these strategies. Thus, more and more people capable of radicalization are becoming radicalized.

There are two directions in which these people tend to be radicalized in, the “left” and the “right” (terms that really are not effective descriptors of political ideologies, but nonetheless have their merit in their concise and easily understood nature). On the right, you have various identitarian, reactionary and ethno-nationalist ideologies becoming more and more popular. The story of how these ideas, deemed by the modern progressive society to be “evil,” have become more and more popularized is well known to certain groups of people who have followed the evolution of “fringe internet communities,” so there is no reason to go into the details of what exactly occurred. It should be noted however, that this group of revived right-wing ideologies is stratified based on how extreme they are. This subject will be expanded upon at a later date. The other direction, leftward, is really just a small group of leftists who are rejecting “identity politics” in favor of their conception of a united workers’ movement for egalitarianism and Marxist forms of socialism and communism. Ironically, though this group of leftists advocates getting rid of identity politics in order to increase cooperation, they constantly fight and bicker about their various incarnations of leftism to the point that cooperation becomes impossible.

This is an era of political polarization. Neither side is satisfied with the status quo, and nor are they pleased by the rise of the opposing side on the other side of the aisle. The less radicalized left who are more concerned with “social justice” than their revolution that their entire ideology is based upon (notably AntiFa) have taken it upon themselves to try and suppress the right-wing, from the kosher Trump people and flaming half-jewish degenerate Milo Yiannopoulos to the pro-white wings such as the followers of Richard Spencer and Identity Europa.

However, they have been, for the most part, unsuccessful at penetrating the most radical section of the right due to the fact that this section is overly cautious, highly involved in information warfare at the moment, and does not compromise. Nicknamed “the Umman Manda of the internet,” they have by far created the most headaches for both the opposing leftists and the establishment. Libel and defamation seem to have no effect, and due to the spread out and decentralized nature of this group there is no figurehead that can be attacked. When attacking them, the Mass Media is forced to simply discredit them because they are “evil racists” and say no more, which only gives them more notoriety. The only approach that seems to work against this wing is co-opting their moderation and employing various shilling tactics (which are usually unsuccessful).

Typically, when attempting to get rid of a group, jews will use a three-step plan. First, they will ignore the group, making sure that they do not receive any real attention from the rest of the populace and stunting their growth. If that approach is unsuccessful, they will then attack the group and portray them in a way that makes them unappealing to the populace, hoping that the group will crack under the pressure or become so hated that the populace will cheer on their deaths. If that does not work either, then they will do what they are best at; they will co-opt the group and replace it with a watered down version of itself over time, drastically reducing the its effect and causing it to stagnate and die.

We are experiencing stage three, the co-opting stage. The authoritarian ideologies of National Socialism, Fascism and Monarchism are being written over by orthodox versions of Liberalism such as libertarianism, anarcho-capitalism, civic nationalism and shallow patriotism. The plan here is rather clear; to push the people moving towards more extreme ideologies back into the center, eventually turning them back into droning Reaganites and kosher ‘Israel First’ Conservatives. In order to do this, they are giving media attention to people from these wings and overwriting the radical perception of the rising right with this more kosher perception. Essentially, they will make it more profitable to be some watered-down conservative than a radical nationalist. Events largely dominated by these types of people will begin to get support and attention for “standing up for free speech and Liberty.” In order to counter-act this process, a few actions should be taken. First, a knocking down of gate-keepers (such as Alex Jones, Mike Cernovitch, etc.). Additionally, Trump’s recent endorsement of more neoconservative policies espoused by Jared Kushner and opposition to Bannon should be very loudly ridiculed; so much so that the Trump administration feels that they are in danger of losing all of their support if they do not shift directions. These large events can be taken advantage of if they are co-opted by radical nationalists. In general, the presence of the radical right needs to not only be known, but must be very vocal as to appear to be the majority, and any who do not follow in this direction should be well aware that they will be left in the dust. Momentum must be harnessed, and it is the job of the free thinkers, the radicals who sit above the masses, to do so by doing what they are best at; information warfare.


A Brief Introduction

I’m not precisely sure exactly what I intend to use this website for. I suppose to record passing thoughts of mine in the hope that they will have some impact. I’m not really a person who is too keen on the blogging aspect. I am more interested in espousing my views and ideas that come to me. This may prove to be useful down the line, either for me or for others. The experience of writing more often can’t hurt. I’ll try to keep it interesting.