As the days become more bleak and the future looks more dull, a man must keep a sense of hope about himself to make it through each day. A large part of that is achieved by attempting to accomplish something, no matter how small. However, sometimes motivation can become very hard to muster. Therefore, I have resolved to start this small project and see where it might take me. Be us damned or not, we are all going the same way together. If these are truly the last days of all that our forefathers built, then I intend to spend them by at least mildly entertaining myself and slowly prying into it, looking for a silver bullet. All it takes is a small spark to light the western man’s cold fury aflame, but in a world submerged in dirty water it may prove difficult to do so. If one is to make it out of the filth to the surface though, then they will have the opportunity to set us all ablaze.